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 BREADS Approx. Serving Size
Assorted Breads w/individual butter1 each
Assorted Dinner Rolls w/individual butter1 each
French Bread1 each
Garlic Bread1 each
Mini Croissant1 each
Bread Sticks1 each


 SOUPS & CHILI Approx. Serving Size
Broccoli w/ Cheese 
Chicken Noodle 
Cream of Potato 
Beef Vegetable 


SALADSApprox. Serving Size
Chef Salad w/dressing (individual serving)8 ounces
Tossed Salad w/dressing4 ounces
Cole Slaw3-4 ounces
Four Bean Salad3-4 ounces
Jell-O salad w/Fruit by pan (Minimum order 20 – 25 people) 
Macaroni Salad3-4 ounces
Pasta Salad3-4 ounces
Pea Salad3-4 ounces
Potato Salad3-4 ounces


POTATOESApprox. Serving Size
Au Gratin Potatoes3-4 ounces
Baked Potato w/individual Butter & Sour Cream1 each
Hashbrown Casserole (Special Order)20 people
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy3-4 ounces
New Red Potatoes3 each
Parsley Butter Potatoes – Whole3-4 ounces
Roast Potatoes3-4 ounces
Scalloped Potatoes3-4 ounces
Sweet Potatoes3-4 ounces
Tater Tots3-4 ounces


 SIDE DISHES – HOT Approx. Serving Size
Baked Beans3-4 ounces
Broccoli Spears – Steamed3-4 ounces
Carrots – Glazed3-4 ounces
Corn on the Cob (Seasonal)3-4 ounces
Corn – Whole Kernel3-4 ounces
Green Bean Casserole3-4 ounces
Green Beans w/Almonds, or Bacon, or Onion3-4 ounces
Green Beans – Plain3-4 ounces
Green Beans w/Roasted Peppers3-4 ounces
Lima Beans3-4 ounces
Mixed Vegetable Varieties3-4 ounces
Peas3-4 ounces
Red Beans and Rice3-4 ounces
Rice Pilaf3-4 ounces
Rice – White Plain3-4 ounces
Scalloped Corn3-4 ounces
Steamed Broccoli Normandy3-4 ounces


SIDE DISHES – COLDApprox. Serving Size
Applesauce3-4 ounces
Apricot Halves1 each
Cottage Cheese3-4 ounces
Fruit Cocktail – Regular3-4 ounces
Peach Diced3-4 ounces
Peaches Sliced3-4 ounces
Pear Halves3-4 ounces
Pickle Spears1 each
Pineapple – Slices3-4 ounces
Pineapple – Tidbits3-4 ounces
Potato Chips1 once
Fruit Trays by arrangement 
Vegetable Trays by arrangement